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Help people of Anyako meet United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by reducing poverty through provision of water supply, sanitation and basic health care services.

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    Providing Basic Amenities

    Finding sustainable  solutions  to  Water, Sanitation, Health and Energy problems will empower  the  community  to  reduce  and eventually end poverty and hunger.

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    Poverty Reduction Skills Programs

    Fishing and weaving skills of the people of Anyako are slowly becoming obsolete because of depletion of fish in the Keta lagoon and influx of cheap imported imitation textiles. The need to retrain the people for sustainable employment is urgent.

    More about training

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    Philanthropic Hall of Recognition

    Recognition and appreciation of donors, who go the extra mile to seek solutions to the development problems of Anyako, will be shown in this section of the website.  

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Teach One to fish, Feed him or her for Life